Grip Case for Nintendo Switch Lite (Model Number:ZH-5906,CF-0141 and ZH-5909) - CHIN FAI

This is the first blog from CHIN FAI,

and today I would like to introduce our Grip Case series for Nintendo Switch.



Actually this series is start from a phone case which we launched at 2017.

Mobile games achieved great development in last several years, especially in compatibility, and the way to control. What we are thinking is to provide better gaming experience without affecting the original way of operation.

As the trend of mobile phone development is thinner and thinner, it normally does not have a comfortable grip feeling in landscape mode. Thus, we designed and produced a phone case with grip for iPhone 7/iPhone 7 plus.(ZH-5461/ZH-5463) “Add One” is always in our concept, which means can we add one more practical function in our product with minimal change. So the self-standing bump are on.










Sadly, we cannot solve the problem of portable at the time.



Switch Lite

Switch lite, by the contrast, fewer requirements for portability, the grip design works better on it. You’ll always prepared more enough when you holding a switch lite instead of a phone.
We adjust the bump shape, use two different material for choice.

ZH-5906 is made of silione,softer.

CF-0141 is made of TPU, harder.






More Colors

5 colors for silicone, Black, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink and Green.

6 colors for TPU, Black, Grey, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink and Half-Clear.

Brand Cybcamo upgraded the product based on 5906.

Model ZH-5909 is with more texture, and using 4 gradient colors inspired from sunrise,sunset.

ZH-5909 BP






Switch lite grip case